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          Smart Storage Security Technology Application Status

          Release date:May 01, 2018 Article Source:未知
          Smart warehousing is a part of the logistics process. Its application ensures the speed and accuracy of data input in all aspects of cargo warehouse management, ensuring that enterprises can grasp the real data of inventory in a timely and accurate manner and reasonably maintain and control corporate inventory. In the traditional enterprise warehouse management, due to the daily management of the warehouse is completed manually, resulting in high information error rate, unable to update in real time, seriously affecting efficiency. At present, the mainstream trend is to rely on the concept of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things to apply RFID technology and various smart devices to the warehouse management process for key steps such as warehousing, stacking, inventorying, and shipping, and improving the intelligence of its warehouse management. Among them, Xiamen Zhilian Technology Co., Ltd. has a relatively successful practical experience in the application of RFID technology in the intelligent warehousing of Internet of Things.
          With the continuous emergence of new technologies, technologies such as Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence, and machine vision have been applied to the logistics industry, helping the industry continue to achieve new breakthroughs and achieve new development. The form and ecology of the logistics industry will also change. .
              I. Overview of the development of intelligent storage
              With the advent of Internet technology, information throughout the country is collected and organized. In the logistics and warehousing industry, it is reflected in all the warehouses that connect the country's large and small, and the intelligent warehousing model, which is different from the traditional storage method, is born. Traditional warehousing is based on the need of distribution to different warehouses to pick up the goods separately. Through automatic picking, it is the most suitable distribution model for e-commerce. The biggest difference between cloud warehouse and traditional warehouse lies in the integration of intelligent automation equipment and information software.
              Second, smart storage makes logistics easier
              The logistics business is divided into several links such as transportation, warehousing and distribution. The development of warehousing business occupies a pivotal position in the circulation of the entire product. With the development of domestic e-commerce and the promotion of logistics and transportation business, the state actively promotes the development of logistics informationization and intelligentization, and simultaneously promotes the development of standardized and efficient warehousing industry in the important aspects of logistics and transportation.
              Under the guidance of the national phase plan, related departments actively introduced policies to encourage the logistics parks and related enterprises in provinces and cities to promote the development of warehousing and logistics business. “Directives of the General Office of the State Council on Promoting the Healthy and Rapid Development of Cross-Border E-Commerce”, “Opinions on Promoting Online and Offline Interaction, Accelerating the Upgrading, Upgrading, Development and Upgrading of Trade and Logistics”, and “Strengthening the Shortage of Logistics to Promote Effective Investment and Resident Consumption” Several opinions and the "Internet +" High-efficient Logistics Implementation Opinion "a series of policies and measures have effectively provided the policy guarantee and basis for intermediate logistics and logistics development of logistics industry, which is the intelligentization of China's warehousing industry and the modernization of logistics industry. Provides construction direction.
              Third, the main security technology in intelligent storage
              Judging from the level of informatization, the informatization of China's warehousing industry is growing in depth and breadth. Automatic identification technology such as bar codes, smart labels, radio frequency identification, visualization and cargo tracking systems, automatic or rapid sorting technologies, and handling robots The proportion of applications continues to increase.
              The technology of automatic identification and identification mainly uses techniques such as machine vision, 3D vision, and object detection and recognition. Through the intelligent identification system, rapid measurement can be achieved in precision measurement, product or material defect detection, target capture, face recognition, and object capture. Efficient operation.
          In the warehousing industry, robotics is also a major highlight. At present, the application of robotics in logistics is mainly focused on the two aspects of packaging palletizing, loading and unloading operations. The data shows that in 2016, the sales volume of warehousing AGV was close to 1,500 units, accounting for 15% of the total AGV sales volume.
              According to forward-looking statistics, revenue and consumption upgrades and smart manufacturing development, China's automated logistics equipment market has grown rapidly in recent years, reaching 75.8 billion yuan in 2016, an increase of 30.02% year-on-year, and is expected to exceed 260 billion yuan by 2022.
              With the continuous emergence of new robot technologies, the role of intelligent robots in the logistics industry will be self-evident. Many handling robots, storage robots, and sorting robots developed by many companies have been used in practical operations and have received extensive attention and praise.
              IV. Application examples of security products in intelligent storage - Jingdong intelligent robot full of "black technology" service wisdom storage
              Jingdong Smart Logistics Laboratory is located in the Dazu Enterprise Bay, Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone. Unlike the ordinary logistics points, it is designed as a separate scene for stacking, handling, sorting, and so on. All the goods are robots.
              This is a fully automated storage scenario created using robots, artificial intelligence algorithms, and data-aware networking. Jingdong unmanned warehouses give wisdom to traditional industrial robots to allow them to make independent judgments and actions in order to respond to e-commerce's flexible and flexible orders. .
              In the middle of two rows of five-by-six meter high three-dimensional shelves, several rack shuttles are walking back and forth on the track. Shelves shuttles are responsible for storing turnover containers on mobile shelves. They can travel at speeds of up to 6 m/s and can handle 1,600 cartons per hour.
          Not far from the ground, several intelligent handling robots resembling large-scale sweeping robots are moving goods to shelves according to preset routes. This kind of handling robot has a wide range of applications in the field of logistics and can autonomously plan paths and automatically avoid obstacles. Large for carrying, small for sorting. Jingdong developed a smart handling robot with a traveling speed of up to 3m/s and a maximum load of over 300kg.
              Work process after unmanned warehousing received orders: The rack shuttle will move the tote to the conveyor belt of the automatic sorting platform; on the platform, the picking robot uses 3D visual recognition and parallel robots to take out different goods in the corresponding packages. The order is formed in the middle; the automatically packaged parcels are sent to the sorting line, and the system scans the parcel's delivery identification code and transmits it to the corresponding freight lane. Finally, the smart handling robot takes away the shipment.
              The integration of intelligent robots has changed the entire logistics warehousing production model, bringing about a significant increase in efficiency. The e-commerce picker is very hard. Encountered the ‘6•18’ ‘double 11’ e-commerce giant’s promotion, a picker had to run 50 km in a warehouse one day, which is equivalent to a marathon. Now, unmanned items are directly generated by the cooperation of robots. The traditional manual method can only pick 130 items per hour, and the robot can reach 600 pieces with higher accuracy.
              Jingdong's unmanned storage efficiency is 5 times that of traditional beam shelves, and parallel robot picking speed can reach 3600 times/hour, which is equivalent to 5 to 6 times of traditional warehouse operation efficiency, and human input is only 20% of the original.
              In early March, in the second quarter of CCTV's hit documentary "Great Power", Jingdong was unveiled in Shanghai's "Asia One" world's first full-process unmanned warehouse. It realizes the entire flow of intelligentization and unmanned storage, storage, packaging, and sorting, and sets a world record for sorting speed and operational efficiency. Asia One is committed to building the largest and most automated intelligent logistics center in Asia's B2C industry. At present, Jingdong has 14 "Asia No. 1". Over the next five years, it will also build "Asia No. 1" in more than 30 core cities across the country to realize full-scale radiation of intelligent storage.
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